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    In the Artist Spotlight 🚨 Birmingham rapper FB Boochie 🚨

    This song is literally #TooHard… I have been following FB Boochie on facebook for a few years now. & I must say, I am quite impressed with how this guy craft his verses. This artist has been around for quite some time & after many year of consistent music promotion, he has garnered a huge following to the point to where his videos go from 0 to 100k and to 1 milli, before the first week ends. And for that, we recognize this guy and hereby deem him worthy of this weeks Artist Spotlight... Press Play & TurnUP!!! 

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  • The Couples Corner Podcast w/t Rick & Tiff

    The Couples Corner Podcast

    What lengths will you go to, to prove infidelity?
    03/12/22 01:18:15PM
    As a freelance editor, I have been receiving a slew of requests from men to clean up audio dialogue of recordings of their significant other, committing acts of infidelity. I won’t get too deep into things BUT Mrs. TrickyRicky and I will dive in the next episode. So mark your calendar and keep your ears on.

    Can Old Flames Turn into some thangs!
    10/16/21 08:13:28PM
    Welcome back guys Mr & Mrs TrickyRicky here back with another podcast. On this episode we will be talking about old flames and can they turn into some things??? Please chime in with your messages & answer our Spotify poll regarding this topic.

    Toxic Marriages & Relationships- Are they really worth the time?
    07/02/21 10:23:14AM
    Greetings friends and family. Mr. & Mrs. TrickyRicky here & we are back with another couples podcast. In today’s segment, we’re going to decipher the hardships of being involved in a toxic situation & together, we determine if those type situations are worth your time & energy.

    Juneteenth National Holiday I Sip and Chat
    06/17/21 11:19:16PM
    Mr & Mrs. TrickyRicky random chat about the new national Juneteenth Holiday, over a glass of wine 🍷 🍷

    What if you were finalizing your divorce tomorrow?
    12/18/20 09:32:25AM
    On today's segment, we would like to talk about divorces, Co Parenting and moving on. Today's question is what would you do if it were you? would you act accordingly?? #LetsGo. If you like today's Segment or if you have a piggyback or a rebuttal, please leave us a voice message and we will revisit  the topic on a late date. Thanks for listining!!!!

  • Tech Talk

    The Demise of the Recording Studio Business

    By Ricky.Abercrombie, 2023-08-17
    The Demise of the Recording Studio Business

    In the golden age of music, the recording studio was considered a sanctuary for artists—a sacred space where creativity could be harnessed, refined, and immortalized. Walls steeped in history, rooms filled with legendary equipment, and skilled engineers ready to capture the magic of a performance. However, the turn of the century saw a marked decline in the traditional recording studio business, a downturn attributable to several key factors.

    One of the most significant culprits in this decline has been the over-saturation of the recording market. As technology has advanced, the barriers to entry have drastically reduced. Today, with a modest investment, one can acquire professional-quality recording equipment, transforming any room into a rudimentary studio. This democratization of music production has led to an influx of bedroom producers and DIY studios. While this has undoubtedly expanded the platform for many budding artists, it has also saturated the market with countless recordings, not all of which maintain the industry's gold standard.

    Compounding this challenge is a trend amongst artists to undervalue the expertise of seasoned engineers. With the lure of saving on costs, many artists gravitate towards the most affordable recording options. In doing so, they often overlook the nuanced skills and years of experience that a professional engineer brings to the table. The result is a plethora of music that, while perhaps raw and genuine, often lacks the polish and finesse that can make a track truly shine.

    Further, as top-tier artists accrue wealth and influence, many are opting to build their own state-of-the-art studios, further sidelining traditional businesses. These private studios, equipped with the latest technology and customized to the artist's preference, mean that even those who could easily afford the best commercial studios often bypass them entirely. This shift not only deprives these studios of high-profile clients but also reduces the allure of such studios for up-and-coming artists who often look to their idols for direction.

    So, how can the traditional recording studio business navigate these tumultuous waters? The answer may lie in specialization and a renewed emphasis on the art of engineering. Studios need to market their unique acoustics, legacy, and the unmatched expertise of their staff. By positioning themselves as temples of audio excellence, where the craft is revered and cultivated, they can appeal to serious artists who understand the difference between a home recording and a studio masterpiece. In a world where anyone can record, the true value lies in the mastery of the craft—and it's this distinction that studios must emphasize to endure.

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